WyzeCast™ Episode 08 -   Speak Your Truth and Be Loved for It with Special Guests Susan Kerby

In this captivating episode of [Podcast Name], we have the privilege of sitting down with Susan Kerby, a renowned expert in the world of public speaking. Susan will be your guide on a journey to discover the art of speaking your truth authentically while being embraced and loved for it.

We live in a world that often encourages conformity and restraint in communication, but Susan Kerby believes that it’s possible to break free from these constraints and express yourself genuinely without fear. In this enlightening conversation, Susan shares her wealth of knowledge and experience, helping you unlock the power of your voice and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

During the episode, you can expect to:

1. **Learn the Art of Authentic Communication:** Susan Kerby will unravel the secrets to speaking your truth with sincerity and conviction. You’ll gain insights into techniques that allow you to be genuine while conveying your message effectively.

2. **Discover Your Unique Voice:** Susan emphasizes the importance of embracing your individuality and how it can be your greatest asset when speaking in public. Uncover the tools you need to harness your unique voice and leave a lasting impact.

3. **Overcome Fear and Insecurity:** Public speaking can be daunting, but Susan will provide practical tips to conquer stage fright, self-doubt, and other common hurdles that may stand in your way.

4. **Build Genuine Connections:** Learn how authentic communication can strengthen your relationships, whether it’s with an audience, colleagues, or loved ones. Susan will show you the path to creating deeper connections through open and honest dialogue.

5. **Inspiring Personal Stories:** Susan Kerby shares real-life anecdotes and examples that illustrate the power of speaking your truth and the profound impact it can have on your personal and professional life.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and connect with others on a profound level. Join us in this enlightening conversation with Susan Kerby and unlock the key to speaking your truth and being loved for it.

Tune in and transform your approach to communication in a way that empowers you to be your most authentic self while fostering love and connection from those who hear your message.

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Melanie McSally
Welcome to another episode of WyzeCast™, the show that elevates the voices, shines the light, showcases the gifts of our heart-centered guests, and amplifies the positive differences they are making in the world.

Our guest today has been a trusted public speaking expert for the last four decades. She has been engaged by publicly traded companies, public speaking icons, and international training organizations. She is known for her masterful ability to hear the message you are called to deliver. She runs a divinely inspired weekly mastermind called Speak, where she helps professional speakers, business owners, and those simply answering the call to speak your truth and present your message in a way that has your audience leaning in and wanting more. She believes miracles happen when you speak your truth. I couldn’t agree more. Committed to honor, freedom, and enchanted play, she recognizes the importance of speaking your truth to inspire others.

My name is Melanie McSally, your host for today’s episode. And without further adieu, I would like to welcome my intuitive and inspiring good friend Susan Kerby, who is coming to us from Carefree Arizona, United States. welcome Susan. It is such an honor to have you with us here today.

Susan Kerby
Thank you, Melanie. Thank you for creating this podcast and inviting me to be on it. What it is to speak your truth and be loved for it, isn’t always easy. And it isn’t always easy to find a venue for it. So, thanks for hosting all of us. And for those of you listening, thanks for being here to listen for how to speak your truth because magic happens when you do.

Melanie McSally
Thank you, Susan. So, why are you so passionate about people speaking their truth?

Susan Kerby
Well, Melanie, why I’m so passionate about people speaking their truth is because I realize speaking your truth, it’s a journey. It is not an easy road. I learned as a kid how not to speak my truth. It seemed easier just to talk to my mom and do whatever my mom wanted and speak my mom’s truth. Like I didn’t even know what my truth was. So this self-discovery that comes with speaking your truth is so key to being human to being who we are. What do we have to say? And I spent a lot of time in this search for what it is to be human. How do I figure this out? Like, there were no instruction manuals, and I found myself in a seminar with Landmark education about living life powerfully and living a life you loved. And the only thing I could think of was, I don’t even know what I want. How do I even know how to say what I wanted? And little by little, I listened and saw what was possible. And I saw people stand up, speak for themselves, and speak their truth. And I thought, I want that. I want to be like that. And then I actually got myself trained to lead seminars for them because I so wanted for people to be able to speak their truth, but the funny thing was, I was speaking their truth, the Landmark truth. I wasn’t really speaking my truth, even then. So I actually completed leading the seminars for Landmark, wondering, what do I want to do to make a difference? What’s my truth? And I ended up on a pilgrimage in Migori of all places my father-in-law invited me to go, and I’m like, I have nothing better to do. I had no faith, but I went on the pilgrimage and recognized there. There was more than I could see in the world going on. And I saw a truth of what’s not seen. A truth of listening. A truth of hearing. A truth of being spoken to by someone who says thank you for answering my call. That was the end of Mary’s messages to the children as I was reading them all the time. Thank you for answering my call. I’m like, but what am I being called for? And I realized it was time for me to do something and make my own money, speak, and figure it out. But I still didn’t know what I wanted to talk about. But it was when I went into the seminars to learn how to speak for myself, how to have my own business doing it, that I realized there are a lot of people out there who have messages to deliver, who don’t know how to speak what they want to say, and I’m well trained and unnatural. And I started being able to help them.

“Really, God; this is what you want from me? I asked him out in the hall of an event going on, there were maybe five people in the room, and I’m like, really, speaker training, this your big idea? What I heard was, ‘I’ll bring you my messengers, you have them be good.’ So it’s been a journey of self discovery. And I’m now helping messengers be good. So I think everybody deserves to speak their truth and find out what they’re calling is.”

Susan Kerby

Melanie McSally
What a powerful message, Susan. I remember the first time you saw me speak, we were at an event. And I had just heard you part your wisdom on the audience. I got up to do my own talk and on the fly, changed part of it to incorporate some of your suggestions. I shared a story about working as an IT executive for Harvard University. Afterward, I shared with you that I added that story based on your advice, and your response to me was that it was that story that inspired you to want to work with me. I have to confess that I don’t normally share that story because I feel like it creates a wedge between me and my target audience. I feel like when people hear IT executive at a prestigious university; they think she’s not going to be able to relate to me and my business. Working as an IT executive at a prestigious university is only one experience that I’ve had. So, I don’t want to limit the audience’s perception of who I can relate to or what I can relate to. Right? And maybe they’re not even thinking of this, but this is my perception of what they’re going to think. So, what would be your advice to those listening who are afraid to speak their truth? Afraid that it will have negative consequences?

Susan Kerby
Yeah, thank you, Melanie. I definitely remember that moment. I remember being surprised that you’d never shared that story as an ongoing thing because it is your work that you’ve done at Harvard that goes, man, and she’s willing to work with me on my things. Harvard’s loss, man. I’m grateful she’s here for me. And, you know, I have to say, I’ve spent a lot of time doing what I’ve been trained to do and how to do it best and how to how just to say the things people want to hear, and how to impart my brilliance on people and how to do the things everyone else told me to say because I thought that would keep me out of trouble. And it was when I started to share my truth, that people suddenly started wanting to work with me. When I stood up for the first time on a stage talking about my work, I remember I shared that I had an argument with God. I said, speaker training, really, this is your big idea. This is what you want from me. And I heard, I’ll bring you my messengers; you have them be good. And I later argued again because it was hard, and I heard, I told you, I’ll bring them, stop hunting them down. And when I shared those two pieces with the audience, I shared them, and I was able to go right into my offer and say, so, I don’t know if I’m an answer to your prayers or if you have been looking for me, but I’m told you’re coming. So I’d love to work with you if this is what you want. I got to share who I was with the people. And I had people coming up wanting to work with me. And I think they wanted to work with me because I shared my arguments with God. People tell me all of the time I want that relationship with God. I want to be able to argue with God and get answers. Or people come up to me and go, well, I don’t know, that’s your answer to my prayers, but you’re the answer to my manifestation. So I’m like, fabulous, because I don’t really care how they say yes; I just care that they know who I am. And here’s another example: I had a client who signed up to work with me; she was my first paid-in-full for the full six-month program. And it was the early days of things. And I was so excited. And she called me up within three days to cancel and said she wanted her money back because she was gonna work with another company to get their, you know, they had some structure, and I worked for 10 or 15 minutes with her to try and kind of convince her that what we were doing was more of what she needed. And she kept saying what she wanted was over there, and I kept thinking, that’s not what you need, you’re gonna get structure, but you’re not going to get your heart, you’re not gonna get your soul’s message. And I thought, Susan, let her go. Let her go. And I said, you know if what you want is structure, and what you want is all of that, you should go over there. Because what I got is: I see the beginning, and I see the end, and I count on a miracle happening in the middle. And that’s what I got. And she said, Okay. I said, Okay, what? She said, okay. I want to stay working with you. I said, I just told you I have nothing. And she said, No, but I want the miracle in the middle. And the truth is, I have a lot of structure, you know, we have the 10-step structure. You know, Melanie, you said you use that structure to help you do your talk. So it’s not that I have no structure. But I really lead with the miracles. And how when you speak your truth, miracles find you. And so my advice to you is to speak your truth with confidence and trust that if you were given, this is your message to share, share how weird you are. It’s all good. And share your accolades. I mean, Melanie wasn’t sharing how weird she was. She was telling me how awesome she was. And that’s what made me want to work with her. So it’s the both and. You know, the things you think are weird are the things you think nobody wants to know or they’re gonna judge me. Just trust your people need to know who you are to find you.

Melanie McSally
Yeah, I mean, clients are just another relationship you’re embarking on, right? So what I love about what you shared there is that the right relationships do not take convincing. Any kind of relationship. All they require is for you to authentically share your truth. So, what is one of your secrets that will help our listeners powerfully speak their truth? And be loved for it?

Susan Kerby
Yeah, how do we speak our truth and be loved for it? I was asking God as I was preparing for this podcast this morning. All right, what is it that you want me to tell them? What is the message you want to be, how do you speak your truth and be loved for it? How have I done that? And what I was reminded of was the message I got in 2010. When I was at the Adoration Chapel in Medjugorje, a little town in Bosnia, I shared about earlier and I had gone back in 2010. I had been there first in 2000. And I was on my knees, and I’m like, I’m always so defensive. Because that was what I really wanted to know the answer of, and what I heard from Christ was, please don’t be your first line of defense. You’d be vulnerable. I’ll keep you safe. What I could feel is out, you can be vulnerable, and you can be safe. And then I heard something about humble and grateful. And for the longest time, I thought that was kind of a non-sequitur kind of add-on. But as I’ve been preparing for, how do we speak our truth and be loved for it? I really got that that’s the message for you. Be vulnerable. Be humble. Be grateful. When we’re being vulnerable and in our softer selves. We can be heard when we’re humbled, those bragging rights, all those things you hear in my bio and everybody else’s bio. They kind of build this up, but it’s like, yeah, yes, I did all that, and I’m blessed to be able to do this. I’m blessed to be able to help people speak your truth. I’m blessed that I’ve been through all the crap I’ve been through that I get to help you speak your truth. I’m blessed for that. We can be blessed, humble, grateful, vulnerable, and you’ll connect with me. I hope. That’s the intent, and I found it to be true. When we have compassion, and we see, I’ve been there, I can help you with that. It’s a whole different level of speaking your truth than, look at me; look how great I am. I’ve done this, and I can help you. Whether you’re talking to your boss, vulnerable, humble, and grateful. I was talking to an insurance company who owed me a lot of money. I started out pissed off, thinking they did me wrong; it wasn’t going well. But, when I went back to the call vulnerable, humble, and grateful. Now, it takes something to get there. But when I was, the woman couldn’t help me more. She was like, she gave me everything I needed to be able to get all I deserved. So I don’t care how you’re using your truth. You approach it by being vulnerable, humble, and grateful. And you will be heard.

Melanie McSally
Be vulnerable. Be humble. Be grateful. What an inspiring way to present yourself. I also love this idea of leading with compassion. I remember being in a situation where tensions were high. People were aggravated and arguing. I was in a location in the world where men are regarded as superior to women. A topic for another day. I’d been standing in line for hours when it finally came to be my turn. At the counter, a man caught me off and took my spot. I know, right? I mean, I had sort of been standing in the shadows up to this point because the men were fighting, and they were arguing with each other, jockeying for their place in line. And, you know, with my knowledge of the culture, I honestly was a tad bit fearful for my life, like not physically, outwardly, but just kind of in the back of my mind. So it was shocking to even me, I would say that out of my mouth came, excuse me, to this man, so that I could stand up for myself, and I did. It took courage, but I stood up for myself, and I said, I was next. And he kind of looked at me, like, you’re just a woman who do you think you are? Again, conversation for another day, but the agent was also a woman. She took this moment to decide this was the perfect moment to take a break. And actually, it was a blessing because with her gone, this man didn’t feel the need to take my spot anymore. So he went, obviously, to the next agent and stole somebody else’s spot. And so then I was able to step up to the counter, take my rightful place, and I patiently waited for her to return and when she did, she kind of looked all disheveled. I felt so much empathy for her in that moment, because, you know, I’d been standing in line. I didn’t even have to wait on these people and I was feeling the energy of the group. So, I couldn’t even imagine what she was feeling. So I just looked at her and was like, how are you doing? You know, like with all of this, and I think I made a joke in that moment. And she honestly was just so touched that I cared. I wasn’t yelling at her. I wasn’t putting my superiority first and foremost. I wasn’t demanding anything from her. I was just asking her how she was doing. And she was so grateful to me in that moment that she said, Hey, listen, we are giving vouchers and putting people up at the Comfort Inn here at the hotel, but if you’re willing to get on a shuttle, I’ll book you at this five-star golf and spa resort. Of course I said yes. She was only telling me the difference, the exception to the rule, because of the shuttle. She wanted to make sure I was okay with driving away from the airport. And honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything. I wasn’t being kind to get something in return, I just was feeling for this woman. But what I love about this story and what you shared earlier in your insurance story, is that it shows how far leading with compassion can go. Alright, Susan, I could talk to you for hours. And you’ve already given us so much wisdom. Do you have one last message that you would like to share some

Susan Kerby
Here’s the message I want to leave you with? When you speak your truth, miracles find you. I want you to say it with me in the I statement. Okay? I’m gonna say it first. When I speak my truth, miracles find me. Alright, now we’re gonna all say together. When I speak my truth, miracles find me. I want you speaking your truth. I had a client, Mary, and she blended in. She was wanting to speak her truth. She was wanting to make a difference. And she just kind of, you kind of couldn’t see her. And I didn’t know why. She worked with me for a while. And I kept being kind and nice and she keeped walking out kind of the same. I mean progress, but no major transformation. And I called her up, and I said, I’m about to host an event and I’m afraid to invite you. And she goes, why? I go, because if you come, I’m coming in after you. I’m not letting you walk out of here the way you walked in. I’m not. I’m gonna say stuff you don’t want to hear. I’m gonna say stuff nobody else is telling you. Because when you hear that, you’ll walk out a different person. So I promise you’re not going to walk out the same. And I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to come. And the more I told her she might not want to come, the more she’s like, I need to come. And we did some powerful work together. That was just some little things. She didn’t even know that people couldn’t relate to her because she was so protected, so defended, so trying to fit in and belong instead of just being herself. And when we did a little magic, even her husband’s like, what happened to you? And her business flourished. She started getting the clients she deserved. She has the confidence she wants. And that’s what it is. When you speak your truth, miracles find you. So, whether you’re a business owner, a professional speaker, or somebody just feeling called. You need to speak your truth. Speak your truth, and miracles will find you. And remember, be humble, grateful, and vulnerable.

Melanie McSally
Well, listeners, you heard it here. Speak your truth, and miracles will find you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional speaker, business owner, or somebody who is simply answering the call to speak your truth. The challenge lies in deciding what to say, what not to say, and how best to say it. So, are you willing to step out of the comfort zone of blending in? Who wants to blend in? Are you ready to access the miracle zone, stand out, and speak your truth? Are you ready to receive more miracles? Yes, me, I want all the miracles. I’m greedy like that. I want all the miracles. If so, for our WyzeCast™ guests, Susan is offering a 15-minute: “I want that” call with her. And I highly suggest you take her up on this. Click here to take advantage of that offer and schedule your call today. I have personally watched Susan’s brilliance and her use her connection with the Divine to help people align with their core message and speak their truth. So, in my opinion, this call call is worth its weight in gold. I would not pass up an opportunity to speak with Susan for 15 minutes for that and for the fact that is just a delight to speak with Susan in general. She’s a dear friend of mine. So thank you, Susan, for being my guest. It has been such a pleasure having you here today, watching you shine, seeing your vulnerability, and listening to you share your truth.

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